1st retirement for Team Mahindra at Indianapolis Grand Prix

Indianapolis: Team Mahindra suffered its first retirement in the Moto GP championship when Efren Vazquez encountered an oil-control issue in his bike even as Miguel Oliveira fought his way to eighth place at the Indianapolis Grand Prix in Moto 3 class, here.

Portuguese teenager Oliveira, who had qualified eighth, fended off a fierce two-bike attack in the closing corners to earn eight points for the side.

Spanish Vazquez had qualified fourth and was running strongly in the group until an oil-control issue struck his Mahindra MGP3O machine, and he was forced to retire.

Mahindra Racing CEO Mufaddal Choonia was pleased with Oliveira?s effort and relieved their machine did not have any major mechanical issue.

"The good news is that it was not a mechanical failure: the engine is quite undamaged. The problem was caused by rising oil pressure that caused an overflow. The bike trailed smoke because of oil on the hot exhaust pipe. It was a very minor issue, but unfortunately in a race a minor issue can cause a major problem," he said.

Oliveira was not content with eight-points performance.

"I am not really happy. Eighth is certainly not our place. But today was very hard. I was struggling a lot for grip from the tyres. We lose a little acceleration to the KTMs at the moment, and there are two very small first-gear corners on this track, and a long straight. I aimed for a safe race, try not to crash, and get some points. I just tried to defend myself and my position, and that was successful," the 18-year-old said.

Vazquez said, "We lost a good opportunity for a top-five result and some good points. If I`d been able to continue in my position to the last laps I would be seventh. I was fighting with the KTMs but then something happened and I thought it was safer to stop."