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Alonso warns Vettel to beware of him this season

Updated: Mar 05, 2013, 16:00 PM IST

London: Ferrari star Fernando Alonso has warned the reigning Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel to beware of him this season as he is better prepared than he was last year.

Alonso, who was beaten by the Red Bull driver in the finals at the last season in Brazil, said that he is fit and confident about himself at this stage than last season.

The Spanish racing ace said that there is always scope for improvement in the game, adding that although last season was the best in his career, he is confident of securing a win this year as he is better prepared than last year.

However, Alonso said that for a sure victory, it is necessary that he gets a better car this year, as his team was too far from the leaders in the last season.

Stating that he had learnt from last year`s mistakes, Alonso said that this year Ferrari has a better starting point.