Armaan sixth after round two in Marrakech F2 Grand Prix

Updated: May 02, 2010, 23:33 PM IST

New Delhi: Armaan Ebrahim produced a good performance but had to be contend with sixth place finish after second round of the Race-2 in the Marrakech F2 Grand Prix in Morocco.

Starting 11th on the grid, Armaan made five places in the 1st Lap. Towards the end of Lap 1, there was a huge crash when Texiera misjudged his braking point and collided into the car in front of him.

That sent Texiera`s car spiralling into the air at least 15 feet and the car did a barrel roll and landed on four wheels taking out Bailey who was just ahead of the crash. This brought out the safety car for around eight laps.

On resumption, Armaan and Palmer had a good dice for a few laps till Palmer made contact with Armaan from behind.

Both controlled their cars well and Armaan came off better though he lost around three seconds in that corner which allowed those in front to pull away.

With three laps to go, Jokinen hit the wall and this pushed Armaan into fifth place. At this point of time, Palmer straight lined the chicane and moved ahead of Armaan, which brought the stewards into play.

The stewards however gave a warning and did not reinstate Armaan into fifth place.

"It was a good start and after moving up to sixth before the crash, I was quite confident of making a few more places at the restart of the race. However, after the contact with Palmer when he hit me from behind, the car was not as balanced as it was in the start of the race and I also lost a lot of time recovering from the bang from behind which allowed those in front to open up the gap a lot," said Armaan after the race.

"I need to work hard on my qualifying in Monza and if I can put the car in the top 5 in qualifying, I should be able to nail a few podiums," he added.