At 80, Ecclestone wants to rule Formula One for another 10 years

London: Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone, who will turn 80 next week, has said that he expects to rule the sport for another 10 years.

When asked if he saw himself as the F1 chief for another 10 years, Ecclestone said" "Yes! The way I feel at the moment, why stop? I do it because I enjoy it. And yesterday is gone. I don`t care what happened yesterday."

"Hopefully I`ll make it. What`s the difference being 79 one day and 80 the next? It`s the same," he added.

Ecclestone further reiterated that he wants to reshape F1 by moving into countries with no previous tradition of racing.

"We`re a world championship and so, by definition, we need to be in different parts of the world. In the end common sense has prevailed and we`ve expanded. It`s just having the courage to do it," the Guardian quoted Ecclestone, as saying.

Next year an Indian grand prix will be added to the F1 circus, while a new race in Texas has been confirmed for 2012 and Russia will join the roster in 2014.