But for pit-stop fumble, Istanbul was perfect race: Sutil

New Delhi: Force India driver Adrian Sutil reckons the pit-stop fumble cost him a couple of places in Sunday`s Turkish Grand Prix but for which it was a perfect race in Istanbul.

Force India pit crew did a shoddy work when Sutil came to pit and even though the German went on to finish ninth, it could surely have been better.

"The pit stop slowed us down and I lost two positions," Sutil said, recalling the race.

"The right front just didn`t go on, and they had to take it back off and put it back on, so we lost a few seconds. It`s a shame because I was really fighting hard in the opening laps.”

"The field is so close at the moment that you have a penalty for every single problem, even if it`s very small," said the Lanky driver.

Otherwise, however, there was nothing to complain, Sutil said.

"I did a really good race. I actually overtook Kamui Kobayashi three times altogether. Then (Vitaly) Petrov had trouble with (Fernando) Alonso and I passed him, and got my ninth position.”

"Apart from the stop it was nearly a perfect race, so I am quite happy with it," he said.

Looking ahead to the Canadian Grand Prix on June 13, Sutil said he was ready to give the Renault cars a good run for their money.

"I have a much better car and I have grown up since the last time we visited. We`ll concentrate on making it work for the next race, and hopefully we can battle the Renaults
again," he said.

Dwelling on the Montreal track, he said, "It`s not easy, because you have to hit the kerbs right. The car is moving a lot with low downforce, so it`s quite easy to get oversteer
and to not do a perfect lap.”

"It looks maybe easier than it actually is. A soft car is required to go over the kerbs well, and you need good traction," he explained.

"It`s a great city, a lot of people, a lot of life, a good atmosphere. I`m really looking forward to it because we don`t have a US GP anymore and it`s the closest one we have.
So it`s good that we have one of the best races back on the calendar," added Sutil.