Button asks Vettel to `quit` if he is not happy with nearly soundless new engines

London: McLaren driver Jenson Button has said that Sebastian Vettel should quit formula one racing if he is not happy after the Red Bull ace tagged the sport`s new nearly soundless cars as `s**t`.

Button said that Vettel should go and race something else if he is not happy after the defending Formula One champion branded the nearly soundless new cars as `s**t` in an astonishing outburst.

According to the Mirror, Button said that when a racer crosses the finish line first, he has won a Grand Prix, so they do not care what the car sounds like or what it looks like.

The McLaren racer added that after winning a Grand Prix what a racer cares about is that he has beaten the best in the world.

With the new eco rules reducing the engine size from V8 to V6 turbos, the engine volume has been largely reduced due to the hybrid technology harvesting energy, the report added