Button calls on team-mate Perez to score more for McLaren

London: McLaren driver Jenson Button has asked his team-mate Sergio Perez to increase his consistency levels and begin delivering much-needed points for this season`s Formula One races.

The Chinese Grand Prix saw Perez appear among the top-10 racers only once, which provoked the Brit to ask the Mexican to start scoring point.

Button insisted that his team-mate needs to be quick and deliver more points, adding that Perez is aware of the pressure in the top-notch team of McLaren and he needs to make the best out of a difficult job.

The report further said that Button lags behind Red Bull racer Sebastian Vettel by 40 points, ranking him fifth in China for the driver`s championship, even after three opening races.

Yet, the Brit driver maintains that he could win the F1 world championship title, though he admitted that the team is not at a deserving position at this time.

Button has claimed that he is looking forward to the race in Barcelona and believes that if they move in the right direction and score some good points, McLaren could win the championship title, the report added.