Button, Hamilton slam McLaren for providing slow-moving cars after British GP debacle

London: Ace drivers Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton have slammed McLaren for providing slow cars to them, and have asked for a car redesign following their poor performances in Sunday’s British Grand Prix.

Hamilton and Button finished eighth and 10th respectively at Silverstone, while Red Bull driver Mark Webber won the race.

The British GP was under threat of being called off due to heavy downpour, and during his press briefing Button sarcastically thanked rains.

“It``s a good job in a way that it didn’t rain during the race because it proves we haven’t got the pace,” The Daily Mail quoted Button, as saying.

“When you see another car go past it’s as if you’re standing still. They must be on rails. I don’t know how. Personally, I felt as if I got everything I could out of the car. The strategy and stops worked but we’re just not good enough at the moment,” he added.

Button now stands 79 points off Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso in the championship summit, in eighth place, and Hamilton is 37 points adrift, in fourth.

Hamilton thanked the fans for their overwhelming support during the race, but also called for a rethink on their car’s design.

“The only positive that I’d take from today is the support from the fan,” Hamilton said.

Asked if the car was fundamentally flawed, Hamilton said: “I’m not using those words; I’ll let you use those words. You’ve got to look at the cars in detail - just look at them and ours look different from the others.”