Button sceptical of McLaren car this season

Updated: Mar 18, 2013, 13:31 PM IST

London: McLaren ace Jensen Button has claimed he won`t win a single race this season with his current car after finishing ninth in the inaugural Australian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Button delivered the brutal assessment when he said the way the car is at the moment, this package that is sat in the garage right now is not going to win a race.

It was a painful reality check for the senior driver in a leading team, one that is second only to Ferrari in terms of achievement in Formula One.

McLaren did not rule out going back to last year`s car. Button, remember, won the last race of 2012 in Brazil with the fastest car on the grid.

Button said in the last day of testing he was seeing what the car could do, but seeing the times that other people were doing was a surprise for them, adding they understood it would be difficult, but you arrive excited about the start of the season.

Button`s result on Sunday was about as much as he could have hoped for after he finished 10th in qualifying, and he added there is many reasons and it makes it tricky, and it is not down to changing the suspension.

The disjointed Brit added they need to bring updates and move this car forward, adding that is the only way they will see good results and wins.

Button said they have been in bad positions before and come back strong, adding it is just a pity that they have lost out so much at the start of the year.