Button still looking to win F1 title despite disastrous start

Updated: Apr 02, 2013, 15:21 PM IST

London: McLaren ace Jenson Button has insisted that he can still win the Formula One title this year, adding that it is too early to write him off in the race for the 2013 world drivers` championship, despite scoring just two points in two races. The British driver said that he believes that the title is still within his reach this season despite a disastrous debut at Melbourne, adding that McLaren’s remarkable turnaround at the Malaysian GP has given him hopes for a successful finish at this season’s F1 race.

Telling critics that it is too early to write him off as a probable contender in the 2013 world drivers’ championship, Button said that the championship is still on and gave the example of Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel, adding that Vettel almost beat him to the title in 2009 even though he did not score in the first four races. Although the 2009 world champion managed to secure a struggling ninth in a disastrous Melbourne debut in a radical new McLaren car, Button said that he is pleased with the scale of his team’s remarkable turnaround in Sepang, Malaysia.

Stating that McLaren got lucky with a smooth circuit in the Malaysian GP, Button said that a plus point for his team is that there a number of cars that are competitive and taking points off each other. Expressing his satisfaction with the improvement made by McLaren, Button said that he hopes for further improvement from his team as the season progresses. Stating that McLaren still has issues like sorting out the car’s ride, Button said that the car has improved drastically from the disastrous debut at Melbourne.