‘Centurion’ McLaren ace Hamilton eyeing double ton of Grand Prix races

London: McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton will take part in his 100th Grand Prix race on Sunday at the German Grand Prix, and he has already set his eyes on doubling that landmark tally.

Hamilton is currently fourth in the drivers’ table after a mixed bag of a season, which includes three podiums and a win in Canada.

Yet, he still faces criticism from his critics, who have suggested at times he has still to fulfill his potential since first bursting on the scene in 2007.

Hamilton believes participating in 100 Grand Prix races is a big honour for him and something he had never imagined.

“Reaching 100 Grands Prix is very, very satisfying. It feels like a huge milestone. Just to get to one Grand Prix was a dream, so to get to 100, I can’t really believe it. In my career I’ve never really had a ‘100’ milestone,” a daily quoted Hamilton, as saying.

“I’ve had thousands of races but it’s a great feeling. Jenson won in his 200th Grand Prix in Hungary last year and I’d love to be able to do the same with my 100th. I don’t remember my 50th or my 10th. I just remember my first and last races and the other good ones I have had,” he added.

“I still feel like I’ve a load of racing in me. Hopefully, I will make 200. When I was a kid it was always ‘I can’t wait until I’m 18, so I can go out and enjoy myself.’ Then it was ‘I can’t wait until I’m 21’,” he said.

Hamilton further said: “Now I’m 27, I don’t want to wish anything away. I want to make sure I enjoy every day and every experience, because before you know it I will be working with the TV commentary!”