Cutting professional ties with father has taken a massive toll:Hamilton

London: British Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton has revealed his ordeal after cutting professional ties with his dad Anthony at the start of the season.

The duo had fallen out in March when Hamilton had relieved his father and long-time manager of his managerial duties.

"The whole year has been difficult, family-wise, with some family members not always well and then the whole situation with my dad. Things are better than they were then, but nonetheless it still took a massive toll on my dad, my mum, my team and myself," the Sun quoted Hamilton, as saying.

"It`s been different not having them here, a real transition this year, although I do feel I`ve moved on in a positive way," he added.

The father and son are on speaking terms again, but Hamilton believes that things could always be smoother and better.

"When my dad was here and we had the fastest car and things were going awesomely well - in 2007, for example - that was a year where most things were all a positive," Hamilton said.

"In your private time, away from the circuit, it`s not as easy when you go around the house. It`s not as perfect as it was when he was working with me, but now it`s much better. It`s just not been a whole year of happiness and easy going," he added.

Anthony had overseen Hamilton`s career since he was eight years old, and was an instrumental figure in guiding the 25-year-old into F1 and the 2008 title.