F1 organisers relax Korea pit lane rules for safety

South Korea: Formula One officials have relaxed rules for the pit lane entry and exit at the South Korean Grand Prix after safety concerns raised by drivers.

McLaren`s world champion Jenson Button described the entry, off a fast corner that would see pitting cars forced to slow with others bearing down fast behind them, as "a little bit scary".

Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn confirmed drivers would now be allowed to cross the white line on entry without fear of penalty.

Button said the decision was an improvement, although both he and team mate Lewis Hamilton said the exit remained a worry for Sunday`s race.

"I think it`s as much as we can do at the moment, with the pit lane entry," he said. "It`s great that (race director) Charlie (Whiting) and the FIA listen to our comments.

"We can cross the white line on the pit entry now which is great. I think it does help your entry speed, so it means that you are more off line when you do have to lift off. So if you have a car following you closely it`s not so dangerous."

Williams driver Rubens Barrichello, the Brazilian who heads the Grand Prix Drivers` Association (GPDA), felt the exit into turn two was fundamentally in the wrong place and would still be tricky.

Hamilton agreed: "As you come out, the cars that have come around the corner out of turn one, they are in your blind spot, you don`t even know if they are there," he said.

"Every time you come out you are trying to see if there`s anyone there, plus you have to get straight on to the racing line...I think in the race it will be interesting to see how everyone deals with it.

"You just have to go for it really and hope for the best, I would say."

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