Ferrari chief insists on 2011 title win

Maranello: Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemelo insisted on Friday that the Italian team must win the 2011 world championship after last season`s title heartbreak.

As Ferrari`s new and more aggressive car was unveiled at the team`s headquarters in Maranello, Di Montezemelo declared that the revamped team were eagerly anticipating the 2011 season.

He said: "This year we have to win and we will do our best to win.”

"We have updated the team, we have made some improvements and we are awaiting the challenges against our first opponents."

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso was denied the drivers` title during the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi last year, after a dubious call from former race engineer Chris Dyer meant the Spaniard wound up in seventh place.

Dyer has since been replaced by Englishman Pat Fry, formerly of Red Bull and McLaren.

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali assured fans that the Italian outfit will be doing everything they can to win both championships, especially having come so close to helping Alonso triumph in 2010.

"We are starting from a season where we had difficult moments," said Domenicali, "but we also experienced some beautiful moments. We want to work on and build from these beautiful moments."

"For 2011 our goals are very clear, that we are aiming to win both the titles, constructors` and drivers` titles, this must be the goal of our team.”

"So the expectations, that of being able to have a car competitive from the start, a reliable car, a strong car, and I have to say that we`ve seen this last year.”

"If you`re not perfect within such a competitive environment, with opponents that are so strong with teams, which also varied numerically, then it becomes difficult to win."

Ferrari are the first team to unveil their 2011 car, which they have called the F150, named to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

The new car design incorporates the various regulation changes that will be enforced in 2011 - most notably the introduction of an adjustable rear wing, and the removal of devices such as F-ducts and double diffusers.

This season will also see the return of KERS, a device that stores energy created by braking, which can be used to boost power at certain points during the race.

Ferrari`s technical director Aldo Costa explained why the design of the new car has been focussed around aerodynamics.

"The major aspects with the most impact on the project were connected to the aerodynamic development," he said, "The double diffuser, the F-duct is gone - the driver can`t change the car`s aerodynamic setup anymore.”

"The rear wing will be moveable, so that the driver can overtake the car in front and use it in qualifying according to his needs.”

"KERS is also back, but, although we`ve improved its size it`s still quite big and the technicians had to redesign the car`s layout."

However, Domenicali is well aware that the most important change for 2011 could be the introduction of Pirelli tyres. The Italian company will take over from Bridgestone as the sport`s sole tyre supplier.

Domenicali said: "The car you will see in the first race in Bahrain will be completely different from the one we use in the first tests in Valencia.”

"Our target will be driving for reliability and understanding how the new tyres behave and work. We know this year Pirelli is supplying new tyres. This is a difficult challenge but I am confident Pirelli will do the best to be competitive."

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