Formula One to consider dropping practice session

Formula One, in another cost cutting move, is looking to drop one practice session and trim Grand Prix weekends from four days to three.

While the proposal has yet to be approved, team technical directors said on Friday following practice at the Canadian Grand Prix that they were aware of the plan.

"From a technical point of view we just have to work out how to deal with it. Do a little bit better homework, you`ve got one less session," said Ferrari`s Pat Fry.

"Obviously we test car bits in one session and tires in another, now we`ve got to work out a way of combining the two.

"You just adapt to it really, you need to do a little bit better preparation."

Currently Grand Prix weekends begin on Thursday with driver media sessions followed by two practice sessions on Friday and qualifying on Saturday.

The proposal would see media sessions moved to Friday followed by a single practice session later in the day.

The changes would reduce travel and hotel costs along with wear and tear on expensive engines.

"I think the rationale is to reduce the workload on the cars significantly through the weekend and also reduce the consumption of parts, particularly the power units which are one of the major costs for all the teams," said Mercedes technical director Paddy Lowe. "That is the concept.

"It is still to be finalised...but the concept to save money. If teams are feeling it isn`t going to save money then of course it could be reviewed."

The proposal has already been agreed to by Formula One`s Strategy Group, which includes Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren, Williams and Lotus as well as Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA president Jean Todt, according to a report by the BBC.

It still requires approval by the Formula One Commission and ratified by the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

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