German Grand Prix: Hamilton slams Vettel as fallout turns into public spat

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2012, 12:59 PM IST

London: Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel’s quest to win his home race went unfulfilled once again and he was demoted from second place to fifth for an illegal overtake on Jenson Button in a dramatic penultimate lap at the German Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton branded Vettel immature as tempers boiled over when the F1 champion was demoted for illegally overtaking at Hockenheim.

Earlier, the Red Bull racer waved an arm in frustration at Button’s teammate as Hamilton tried to unlap himself and started mixing it with the race leaders.

“It’s a bit stupid to disturb the leaders. He was a lap down so I don’t see the point. That potentially lost us the position to Jenson. That wasn’t nice of him,” said Vettel.

He added: “Why was he trying to race us? If he wants to go fast he can drop back find a gap and go faster there.”

Hamilton was in no mood to concede the point. “It doesn’t really bother me what he says. I guess. It shows his maturity.”

“I don’t think I’ve made any silly decisions throughout the race. I had nothing to gain apart from staying out of the way of my teammate. I never give up, so I’m not going to back off and let everyone past me when I’ve got the pace to go past the guy in front.”

Vettel’s frustration was unleashed partly because he lost second place to Button by little more than a car’s length as he roared out from his second stop.