Hamilton believes he can still win F1 title

London: Former Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton believes he can make the greatest comeback in the history of motor racing in front of his home fans this weekend.

Hamilton knows he has to win Sunday`s British Grand Prix to have any hope of regaining the drivers` crown, according to reports.

The McLaren driver knows he will be all but dead in the water with his Red Bull rival Sebastian Vettel already leading him by an incredible 89 points.

Hamilton, 26, insisted: "We are only halfway through the season, there is still a long way to go. Somehow I still have this hope inside me that we find something and we win every bloody race after that and we can still win the world championship.”

"If we get to the next grand prix and don`t win, you think of the next and the next - and then you run out of opportunities.”

"But the opportunity is still there now. This is the third year in a row we have not really had the best car to win titles with. When I had the best car in 2007 and one just as good the next year you could bang it out again and again.”

"But it is on Red Bull`s foot now and Vettel might get two or three world titles."

Bureau Report

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