Hamilton `guilty` over Kobayashi crash

Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium): Lewis Hamilton on Monday admitted he was at fault and apologised to his McLaren team and to Sauber rival Kamui Kobayashi after reviewing their crash in Belgian Grand Prix.

The 26-year-old Briton, whose impetuosity has become a frequent problem over the last two years, said he had made an error of judgement yesterday and not given his Japanese opponent sufficient space.

Writing on Twitter, Hamilton said: "After watching the replay, I realise it was my fault 100 per cent. I didn`t give Kobayashi enough room though I thought I was past.”

"Apologies to Kamui and to my team. The team deserves better from me."

Hamilton made his spectacular exit from a dramatic race, won by defending champion Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull, when he collided with Kobayashi on lap 13.

In June, he retired from the Canadian Grand Prix after a collision with his own McLaren team-mate compatriot Jenson Button.

On Sunday, Button finished a stirring second behind series leader Vettel and the German`s Red Bull team-mate Australian Mark Webber.

For Hamilton to change his mind and issue a public apology may be seen as a hint that he is considering his approach to races more carefully.

After Sunday`s crash had eliminated him from a race where he had a good chance of fighting for a win, he said he did not believe he was to blame.

"I`m not really quite sure (what happened) to be honest," he said. "I just remember hitting the wall pretty hard.

"It`s a bit unfortunate for the team, we were in a good position and as far as I was concerned I was ahead of whoever it was I was racing and then I just got hit by them and that was my race over.”

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