Hamilton recalls humble beginnings in karting

London: Former Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton`s memories flooded back as he stood on the balcony overlooking the kart circuit where it all began recently.

The Mercedes` ace racer pointed to the empty competitor`s car park overshadowed by the three towers of Rye House Power Station in Ratty`s Lane, and recalled how his father told him about the death of his hero Ayrton Senna in a car crash in 1994, and how he went behind a car to cry over the news at the age of nine.

Jammed between Hertfordshire Sewage Works and Hoddesdon tip, the little kart circuit has been the place where many of Britain`s emerging racing stars like Hamilton have taken their first tottering steps.

Arriving from Monte Carlo where he now resides, Hamilton said that it was cool to be back to where it all started for him.

He pointed to a glass cabinet and told The Mirror about a helmet that belonged to one of the kids he used to race with-Chris Rodgers.

He remembered his first crash going into the little pond.

He recalled how dad Antony Hamilton helped him to chase his impossible dream of becoming a Formula One driver by holding down four jobs, collecting their life savings and re-mortgaging their house.

He described those days as a huge gamble and a huge commitment, and is ever grateful that it all eventually worked out.

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