Hamilton rests hopes on new Pirelli tyres to win Championship following German GP disaster

Updated: Jul 08, 2013, 13:44 PM IST

London: Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is hoping that the new tyres Pirelli is going to introduce starting with the Hungarian GP would give him a favourable advantage, with the star lashing out at the management once again after failing in his pursuit of victory at the German Grand Prix, where he started from pole position.

Hamilton was not happy with how his car was a disaster on heavy fuel loads and said that for some reason it did not work on the tyres it used currently.

Last week, many cars had experienced tyre problems at Silverstone, which had forced Pirelli to use new tyres for the German Grand Prix, with many racers even threatening to boycott the race.

The Englishman finished at fifth place at Nurburgring, and is now 58 points behind the season leader Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull.