Hamilton warns McLaren to sort out mess or forget about title

London: Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton has warned his team to sort the mess out, after McLaren was swept from the top of the drivers and constructors championships by the Red Bulls.

Hamilton and teammate Jenson Button`s challenge for title glory has been hit by a series of reliability problems.

Button slumped from top of the drivers standings to fourth after his engine blew up in Monaco on Sunday, The Sun reports.

Button is now eight points behind of race winner Mark Webber with Hamilton at seventh position.

Hamilton said: "We`ve under-performed. We`ve a big gap to make up. I doubt whether we can catch up with them by the next race. It`s not impossible but not likely. It`s up to me and Jenson to go in and really push the guys and get them on it."

"We have to keep stressing to them they have to make that step forward. But they are under no illusions we have a big gap to make up.”

"It`s too easy for Red Bull at the moment. They weren`t even pushing in the race. It`s not that it was scary but it was just taking the mickey a little bit," the paper quoted him, as saying.

Hamilton fears it could take until the British Grand Prix on July 11 before he and Button can trouble Red Bull.

"I`m hoping by Silverstone we will be able to challenge them. Just imagine me and Jenson with a one-two. We`re fired up - don`t worry about that. I think we`re doing an exceptional job considering our true pace. We`re punching a bit above our weight.”

I still reckon we can win both championships. We`re the best team," he said.