Hamilton zooms in Red Arrows Hawk before British Grand Prix

Updated: Jun 28, 2013, 19:35 PM IST

London: Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was observed enjoying a ride in a 600 mph Red Arrows Hawk jet, sailing over Lincolnshire, ahead of Sunday`s British Grand Prix.

The F1 top gun, who is known for living on the edge, was thrilled with his aerobatic experience and was determined to pass this test that he assigned to himself.

He was very happy when he described how the plane did loops, back-turns, tunnel turns and rolls and how he was determined not to puke or pass out despite feeling ill after the first run. According to Hamilton, he flied with 6G limits, which were much higher than the normal 4G limits.

The plane crew gave Hamilton the control for a brief amount of time and he was very scared initially. The F1 champion admitted it was tough to match up to the speeds and he felt so sick that he wanted to reach out for the airbags but couldn`t with his seat belt on.

After getting back into his Mercedes car, he said there was a visible feeling of illness.

The former champion also had some good words to say about his rival Vettel after his flying experience, stating that the racer was an absolutely fantastic driver and he had shown it time and again with his awesome car.

Sparing no words in the praise of Sebastian Vettel and counting him as one of the best drivers in Formula 1, he said that Vettel could have a tougher time if he was positioned with some different drivers.