Hosting a F1 Grand Prix is good for India: Neel Jani

New Delhi: Neel Jani, the Swiss racer of Indian origin, on Tuesday said that the Indian Grand Prix will surely provide a boost to popularising motorsport in the country but he himself does not seem to be too optimistic about his own Formula One career.

Jani, who had his best racing results in now defunct A1GP series, yesterday drove a Red Bull Racing show car at world`s highest motorable road at the Khardung-La pass.

Jani, born to an Indian father and Swiss mother, said driving a racing car in hilly area was a big challenge.

"It was a great experience. I had to adjust a lot. I had never been to the Himalayan region, where there is no track and the roads are bumpy. It was different. It was great to see enthusiasm among people for this show but I think Indian Grand Prix will do the major work," said Jani.

Jani, who got a chance to test drive for Toro Rosso in 2006 and for Red Bull in 2008, though was not keen in pursuing a career in F1, the pinnacle of motorsport.

"It`s not in my mind at the moment. I like long distance races. I will still be regarded as a rookie (in F1). I will not have a chance to race for big teams such as Red Bull so I will have to start with some other team, who would want money and I don`t have that. So I am happy where I am today," Jani, who is involved in GT1 World Championship, said.

"I have not been talking to anyone in F1. A1GP worked well for me and I had several records. It`s a shame that it does not exist now," Jani, who won a championship title and also ended runner-up in A1GP, said.

"F1 is not everything. Like some people say English football is everything but there is Italian league and Spanish league and they are also great," he added.

Jani was disappointed that despite doing in Force India test, he could not secure a seat for himself.

"I tested for them in 2010 and it went very well. On different modes, I was quickest and then second quickest. Still not much happened for me," he said.

Jani said he will not be in Indian during the October 30 race as he would be racing in China in GT1 World Championship at that time.


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