Jenson Button wants Hamilton to keep ‘Dream Team’ alive

London: British Formula One driver Jenson Button has urged Lewis Hamilton to keep the Dream Team together.

Button is celebrating ahead of Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix after signing a 60 million pounds contract for life with McLaren, and he now wants Hamilton to agree a new deal too, as he believes his fellow Brit spurs him to go faster on the track, a leading daily reported.

"Having a whole team behind you is great. Knowing they are putting all their efforts just behind you is fantastic. I am sure that is how it feels for Fernando Alonso at Ferrari,” he said.

"But I think having a team-mate who is quick and will fight to the death is a good thing.

Some days you think ``S***, I just couldn`t beat him today because he was so quick``. But on other days, when you do get the upper hand, it is a great feeling and it keeps working like that. You push each other on. I do want him to re-sign," Button added.

Hamilton`s 75 million pounds contract with McLaren runs out at the end of next year.