Krishnan Rajini hogs limelight

Chennai: Experienced Indian rider Krishnan Rajini hogged the limelight by winning the first race of the third round of the MRF-FMSCI National Motorcycle Racing Championship on Saturday.

Moto-Rev India team star, Rajini`s dominance was well pronounced as he has been ruling the roost in all the domestic events in the Group-A Super Bikes category.

Today, Rajini won the first race with about 10 seconds to spare compared to nearest follower Deepak Ravi Kumar of Preethi Racing.

However, Deepak Ravikumar grabbed the top honours in the Group B (Open) class, while Prativ S and N Abhishek topped in the two Group D Novice categories.

The results: Group A (Super bikes, 600cc, 8 laps): Krishnan Rajini (Moto-Rev India) 1 (14mins, 27.980secs); Deepak Ravikumar (Preethi Racing) 2 (14:37.280); M Gautham (Preethi Racing) 3 (14:38.137).

Group B (Open, 4-Stroke, up to 165cc, 6 laps): Deepak Ravikumar 1 (12:00.932); Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing) 2 (12:08.328); P Karthick (TVS Racing) 3 (12:08.562).

Group D (4-Stroke, up to 130cc, 6 laps) Novice: Prativ S (14:32.498) 1; Rajesh Rathnakumar (TVS Raving) 2 (14:32.781); Anand Raj P (TVS Racing) 3 (14:36.119).

Group D (4-Stroke, up to 165cc, 6 laps) Novice: N Abhishek (Moto-Rev) 1 (13:27.267); Prativ S 2 (13:27.304); S Madhan 3 (13:27.547).

Honda CB Twister (8 laps): Sanjay Kumar 1 (11:32.983); Prativ S 2 (11:33.203); J Allwyn Jebaz 3 (11:33.483). Stunner (Open, 6 laps): Arun J Pillai 1 (14:12.673); M Sudhakar 2 (14:12.686); R Karthick 3 (14:13.274).

Yamaha R15 (Novice, 8 laps, Short loop): S Madan 1 (10:17.989); J Allwyn Jebaz 2 (10:26.170); R Venkataraman 3 (10:31.637).