Lewis Hamilton ‘mum over future’ ahead of Singapore GP

Updated: Sep 22, 2012, 09:46 AM IST

London: McLaren ace Lewis Hamilton declined to answer any question over his future with the team during one of his press sessions at the Marina Bay Street Circuit ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday.

Hamilton has two final contract offers on the table from McLaren and Mercedes, with the ball in his court as to where he decides to go.

“Before we start, I`m not here to speak about anything but the weekend. I`ve no extra news for you, so use your time wisely to speak about other things if you can,” the Telegraph quoted Hamilton as saying.

“I`ve not even thought about it. I`m just focusing on this weekend. The most important thing is not to get excited about the pace we had in the last race because it is going to be different this weekend,” Hamilton said.

“Other people, like Fernando, have said they`re going to be bringing an update this weekend, so I hope we have something to combat that. So I`ve other things to focus on,” he added.