Lewis Hamilton practicing for US Grand Prix on ‘Play Station’

London: McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has revealed he has been practicing for the United States Grand Prix, which would transpire after a gap of five year, on his Play Station.

The Brit won in Indianapolis five years ago, the last time a Formula One race was held stateside.

But this weekend the F1 road show returns to the US at the new 250 million pounds Circuit Of The Americas in Texas.

Hamilton has yet to drive there so he hit his games console at home to check out the layout.

“It’s crazy to think the last US GP was five years ago. It’s a race I still remember like yesterday. I took my second grand prix win in the space of a week,” a daily quoted Hamilton, as saying.

“Those were incredible times and I’m made up we’re going back to the States. I’ve only driven the track on the PS3 and simulator — but I think it’s going to be a track that drivers enjoy,’ he added.

“I’m looking to be the first grand prix winner there,” he said.