Lewis Hamilton upset over controversies in career

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2013, 12:39 PM IST

London: Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is upset with the string of controversies dogging his racing career, the latest being the `tyregate` in which the team is accused of running a `secret` tyre test prior to the Canadian Grand Prix.

Hamilton, after having six dramatic years at McLaren, hoped for some stability at Mercedes, but the ` tyregate` has again put him and the team in trouble, which could result in hefty fine or a possible ban from the game.

The Mercedes driver feels that trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes adding that he was told the `tyre test` was a right thing to do and by participating in it he did not do anything wrong.

Being outgunned by teammate Nico Rosberg , Hamilton aims to be back at the top and is hopeful of the Canadian Grand Prix, which begins tomorrow.

Mercedes boss Ross Brawn gave the nod for the tyre test, which he has claimed was not ` secret` but private adding that his conscience is clear.

Brawn will be facing an International Tribunal hearing on June 20.