Maldonado branded danger to fellow F1 drivers

London: Formula One ace Pastor Maldonado has been branded a danger to his F1 rivals after causing yet another high-speed crash at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix.

The Venezuelan, 27, who wiped out Lewis Hamilton in Valencia last month, was at it again as he crashed into Sergio Perez on Sunday, a newspaper reports.

Furious Sauber driver Perez fumed: “Pastor is a stupid driver. He doesn’t respect the other guys and he could hurt someone. I don’t understand why he drives like that and I hope the stewards do something.

“He has been involved in three or four incidents like this. He took out Lewis in the last race and it’s not the first time he has damaged my weekend. Everybody has concerns about him and he will never learn if they don’t do something.”

Stewards fined Williams ace Maldonado 8,000 pounds for causing the collision, which forced Perez out on lap 11 of the race.

Maldonado said: “This is racing. If we’re not going to race we might as well drive behind the safety car. Perez was angry but I was trying to defend my position and he can say whatever he wants.”