Mark Webber ``haunted`` by 2010 defeat: Coulthard

Updated: Nov 11, 2011, 18:39 PM IST

Melbourne: Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber’s defeat at last year’s title may have psychologically affected the player, his former team-mate David Coulthard has said.

Coulthard said Webber`s defeat in Abu Dhabi last year might have led to his dismal 2011 season performance.

Webber failed to take advantage of the points-leading situation in last season’s race in 2010, which jeopardised his chances of his victory.

``Mark was just about to win the world championship. Since then Sebastian did everything right, which may have impaired Mark`s performance,” a leading daily quoted Coulthard,as saying.

Coulthard said Webber needed a ``new approach`` in 2012, while Webber admitted he was too slow to outpace the contenders.