Massa relishing life after ‘freak’ accident

Kuala Lumpur: Ferrari’s Formula One race car driver Felipe Massa has said, that a freak accident which may have ended his career, has instead caused him to ‘enjoy living’ more.

The Scuderia Ferrari driver, who is now in his 11th season, suffered a skull injury in a crash during the Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying in 2009 after a spring, which came loose from another car hit the top of Massa`s helmet, penetrating his visor and injuring him above the left eye.

The Brazilian driver said that the accident changed the way he viewed life, adding that he now tries to live his life completely, be it in racing, with his family or doing any other thing he loves.

Massa also said that he respects life even more now, adding that the accident has shown him how precious it can be.

He stated that although, it was tough readjusting himself back into the sport initially after the accident, he is now very happy to be back with a good direction, adding that his biggest motivation is his three-year old son Felipinho.