McLaren driver Button says he has no excuses for failing to win title this year

LondoN: Former formula one champion Jenson Button has said he and his team McLaren have no excuses for not winning the title this year.

He blamed the below-par car for last year’s disappointment, but envisaged that he could repeat 2009 championship glory.

“There are no excuses this year. I feel we have everything. There`s nothing to fall back on and say ``This is the reason why we didn`t win in 2012``,” The Mirror quoted Button, as saying. “My first year at McLaren I initially thought would be very tough, moving to a new team, but it was a pretty good year really, a very good learning year,” he said.

“Last year, I felt I did the best with the car I had, that I really grew with the team, felt a big part of McLaren, not just a driver, but a big part of the team,” Button added.

Button has said he is currently very happy with the staff at McLaren and is looking forward to win the world championship again. “The relationship I have with my engineers and mechanics is very good, and there`s a really good understanding there,” he said. “So, I`m very happy now with my position within the team, and to win the world championship with McLaren would be amazing,” he added.