McLaren driver Hamilton creates speculation over his Formula One career

London: Ace McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has expressed readiness for signing a new deal, but without mentioning the name of the team, and this has cranked up speculation over his Formula One career.

The former champion has revealed he is ready to do the biggest deal of his life and sort out his 100 million pound future.

Hamilton, who is well settled with McLaren currently, keeps the world guessing about his future.

“I am ready to get it done,” a newspaper quoted Hamilton, as saying.

Pushed directly on whether he would be plying his trade alongside world champion Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull, he said: “Being ready means you`ve made a decision and you know what you`re going to do. At some point soon I would like to get something in place.”

Hamilton’s words are sure to escalate both talks and speculation, which, until now, both sides had said would be put on hold until the August break.

While the smart money is stacked on the 2008 champion staying at the team that has fostered his career since he was 13, he surveys the biggest range of competitive options in years.

Ace McLaren driver also said wet conditions at Silverstone could help him repeat the greatest win of his career, as he has consistently performed well under rain.

Hamilton’s most cherished win of his 18 victories so far, came when he tamed the drenched Northamptonshire circuit in 2008 to finish a staggering 68.5secs clear of BMW’s Nick Heidfeld.

With heavy rain forecast all weekend, conditions at the British Grand Prix are set to be testing on and off the track.

“A lot of my success in the wet has come down to the UK weather. Us Brits should be good in the wet,” a newspaper quoted Hamilton, as saying.

“A lot of my races up in Scotland – Larkhall, Rowrah, all over the country – all the experiences I had in karting, they’ve all contributed to the success I have nowadays. So I’m quite grateful for the changeable conditions throughout my career, but also grateful for good weather nowadays,” he added.

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