Mercedes, Pirelli to face tribunal hearing over `secret` tyre test

London: Mercedes might face quitting Formula One if the International Tribunal decides that the team is guilty of getting a secret in-season tyre test conducted with Pirelli.

While Mercedes` expulsion from F1 is deemed unlikely, the case hearing in Paris where both Mercedes and tyremaker Pirelli will be inquired, could hit the team with a fine, a points deduction, a race ban or exclusion from the championship, the Sun reports.

According to the report, some sources believe that if the hearing outcome is ` unfair `, it will be detrimental for Mercedes` global profile and might make them reconsider their involvement in F1, although this is nothing new with Mercedes as they have been linked with quitting the sport earlier too.

The report said that although Mercedes and Pirelli consider last month`s 1000 km Barcelona test to be within the rules specified by the sport`s governing body, FIA, other F1 teams such as Red Bull and Ferrari have officially protested against Mercedes` breach of the sport`s regulations and want FIA to resolve the situation.