Mercedes switch proves relaxing and `control-free` for Hamilton

London: Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton has said that he feels free that nobody `controls` him after his switch to Mercedes.

Quitting McLaren has left Hamilton relaxed and more prepared for victories, the Mirror reports.

Hamilton has reportedly redefined and re-established his relationship with his once-domineering father, Anthony and drew parallel between his father and McLaren executive chairman Ron Dennis who according to him are similar personalities.

Anthony and Ron have had similar traits of strong ambitions and hence both exerted power, which had put Hamilton in a controlled environment, but his switch to Mercedes has made him free from following their decisions.

Hamilton said that he is independent to make his own decision at this point in life, though he feels his family has instilled good values in him which makes him respectful at most times.

Hamilton regrets his past times when he was compelled to get an approval for his decisions from his father, but feels that he no longer has to go through the same pressure.

Admitting that at McLaren he could not concentrate 100 percent on driving, Hamilton said that the pressure brought along a lack of motivation and sapped his energy.