Mercedes to switch 50 percent work force on 2014 Formula One car

London: Formula One team Mercedes has revealed that they are about to use more than half their workforce on to their 2014 Formula One car to make their star driver Lewis Hamilton a strong contender for the trophy next season.

F1 teams are facing massive rule changes next season as the current V8 engines are replaced by 1.6 litre V6 turbos, which in turn will prompt a fundamental re-think on chassis design and aerodynamics.

Although the team has insisted that they will not abandon this year`s championship challenge, team chief Toto Wolff said that they have more than one eye on the future, adding that they will gradually raise the number of people working on the car to 50 percent for the next season.

Stating that he believes that most teams will gradually follow Mercedes`s example, Wolff said that it is necessary as the 2014 car is very complex.

However, Wollff said that Mercedes` decision did not mean they are waving the white flag already this season, adding that he wants his side to be among the four top teams in the constructors championship and have a driver among the top four as well.