Motorsports: FMSCI election results withheld

IANS| Updated: Dec 23, 2013, 23:32 PM IST

Chennai: The results of elections to the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) council here Monday were kept in abeyance following a Madras High Court order.

Though president Vicky Chandhok had officially declared that he would not seek re-election after serving two terms, he would continue in his present capacity pending a court hearing on Jan 8 when the ballot papers are to be opened.

Elections were held for five council berths. The eight-member council that also includes three founder members with permanent seats - Madras Motor Sports Club, Karnataka Motor Sports Club and Coimbatore Auto Sports Club, then elects the office-bearers.

Srikant Karani of Mumbai-based Sportscraft had successfully sought injunction against the elections, questioning a 2011 decision of the FMSCI that denied him the right to vote as his was a proprietary company and not a non-profit organization.

The high court then ruled that the elections to the FMSCI Council could proceed as scheduled but the results be withheld until the next hearing scheduled for Jan 8.

Speaking to IANS, Chandhok said: "I suppose, I and the present council have to continue as caretakers until at least Jan 8, but my decision to not seek re-election is final. It is time to move on."