New technical chief says Ferrari will dominate F1 again in near future

London: New Ferrari technical director James Allison has claimed that Ferrari can dominate Formula One again in the near future.

According to the BBC, Ferrari won five consecutive titles in the early 2000s but has failed to match Red Bull in the last few seasons.

Allison said that he has found a team hungry and determined to get back to the top of the podium at every race and championship.

He added that the current team is one that is optimistic for the future and is looking forward to dominating the sport again.

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has finished second to Red Bull`s Sebastian Vettel in three of the last four years, seasons, which have been characterised by Ferrari`s inability to build a car as fast as the Red Bull, the report said.

Allison also said Ferrari`s form would improve as a result of a series of investments made on the engineer, personnel and equipment side which we are going to reap the rewards of over the next several years.