Newey to stay put at Red Bull

Abu Dhabi: Adrian Newey, Red Bull`s multi-championship winning designer and technical director, has declared he intends to stay and guide Sebastian Vettel`s team to more glory.

The architect of the Milton Keynes team`s four-year run of successes in both the drivers and constructors championship series said he wants to stay -- because he enjoys his job so much.
His pronouncement late on Wednesday came as a major blow to rival teams hoping to lure him away from Red Bull and international racing teams involved in sailing series like the Americas Cup.

Newey said: "Having achieved some success over the last few years, the enjoyment is really in working with my colleagues in Milton Keynes and in continuing to develop the way we operate.

"It has been a great ride. Next year is a huge challenge with the regulation changes so at the moment I`m fully focused on that."

Newey stressed that he is committed to winning more Formula One world championships with Red Bull after the team racked up its fourth consecutive title double.

He added: "Yes. The joy of working with this team is to have been involved in taking it from the ashes of Jaguar to where we are today."

Looking ahead to 2014, he said the regulation changes would be challenging for everyone.
"Next year`s regulation changes are very big. The aerodynamic changes are not quite as big as we had for 2009, but they are still very significant.

"The engine regulation changes are massive and it`s not at all clear whether one engine manufacturer will steal a significant advantage over the other two. Reliability will be a big issue, certainly at the start of the season if not for the whole season. The installation of the engine in the chassis is very complicated, so there are a lot of variables."