Not messing with my car key to Montreal success: Button to mechanics

Montreal: Reigning Formula One champion Jenson Button has told his team mechanics that he can perform well at Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix if they don’t mess with his car.

“The track isn’t used very much during the year, so the surface is very slippery to begin with and during the first practice session you think, ‘Oh my God, this feels awful’, but the grip improves dramatically as the rubber goes down and the key is not to change the car,” The Daily Star quoted Button, as saying.

“If you go crazy with car set-up, you’ll get lost because you won’t know whether an improvement is due to the car or the track conditions. You want to keep a similar set-up all weekend,” he added.

McLaren will start the race weekend with car set-ups derived from their team’s simulator in Woking, and Button believes that it will give the team an edge over the championship leader, Red Bull.

“There’s nothing better than driving a track for real, but the simulator allows us to arrive in Montreal with a pretty accurate idea of set-up,” Button said.