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Old rules out, new rules in for F1 Grand Prix 2014

London: Formula One rule makers have introduced a new set of rules that would change the face of Formula One racing starting from the upcoming Grand Prix this season.

The new season will see a list of new rules amid which the main change is in the engine of the Formula One cars as it has been cut to a 1.6litre V6 turbo hybrid boost instead of the earlier 2.4litre V8 engine.

According to the Mirror, the power of the engine, which was reduced from 780bhp to 620bhp last year by changes has been boosted to 840bhp with the new hybrid engine.

Also instead of the earlier KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) hybrid boost this year this year it will be ERS (Energy Recovery Systems), which is simply the energy from turbo heat and braking friction allowed to be converted into boost, the report added.

The complete set of new rules is:

ENGINE: The 2.4litre V8 engine has been cut to a 1.6litre V6 turbo with hybrid boost.

GEARBOX: Each gearbox must last six races, two more than 2013.

TYRES: Pirellis will be one kilo heavier per set and more durable so no blow ups.

BRAKES: `Brake by wire` electronic controls for the first time.

DOWNFORCE: 15pc reduced by cutting rear wing and front wings to help overtaking.

POWER: 780bhp last year reduced to 620bhp by changes but boosted to 840bhp with hybrid input.

HYBRID BOOST: KERS out, ERS (Energy Recovers Systems) in. Energy from turbo heat and braking friction allowed to be converted into boost.

POINTS: Double points for the final race in Abu Dhabi. New totting up system for penalties means drivers with 12 points face an automatic one-race ban.

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