Pirelli says ‘contentious’ c not conducted secretly

London: Tyremakers Pirelli has said that the contentious Mercedes’ tyre test row is baseless as the test was not conducted secretly.

The tyre test row continues as other Formula one teams are awaiting the judgement by the lawyers at an FIA International Tribunal following their protest after Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg’s triumph at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said that Mercedes received no benefit from the tyre test, adding that they were conducting research and development testing proprietary to Pirelli and not relevant to the other teams, where Mercedes merely provided a service to them.

Pirelli has also disagreed with Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn`s claim that it was their responsibility to inform the FIA and the other teams about the exact nature of the test.

While Brawn said that it was up to Pirelli to spread the information about the test as it was conducted by them, Hembrey said that he believes Mercedes is to be blamed for the controversy as they had wanted to create a test that gave them great value and asked for a representative car, assuming that Mercedes had discussed the issue with FIA.

Hembery further insisted that Pirelli will provide the FIA with total assistance and support for their current investigation of the test.