Ricciardo plays down conflict suggestions with teammate Vettel post China GP

Sydney: Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo has reportedly played down the suggestions of a conflict with his teammate Sebastian Vettel after the Formula One world champion appeared to ignore team orders during Sunday`s Chinese Grand Prix.

During the race Vettel had reportedly replied `tough luck` when he was asked for a second successive race to give way to his Red Bull teammate, who was closing fast in the fifth place, after the first round of pit stops.

According to New.com.au, Ricciardo eventually took over Vettel two laps later to finish at the fourth place, 21 seconds ahead of his teammate.

Vettel reportedly insisted that he gave way to Ricciardo, despite his initial reaction, after realizing that the Australian had more speed.

Vettel said that he did move over, although initially he did not understand the request because both the racers were on the same tyres according to him.

Meanwhile, Ricciardo said that he does not want to start any conflicts or anything, as at the end of the day they eventually got past and he was able to do his race, the report added.