Schumacher refuses to say sorry for cheating last time in Monaco

Updated: May 13, 2010, 16:14 PM IST

London: Seven times Formula one champion Michael Schumacher, who is on a comeback trail, has refused to say sorry for cheating the last time he raced in Monaco.

He was dumped at the back of the grid and branded a `scumbag` after one of the most infamous incidents in F1 history.

Schumacher deliberately parked his car at the famous Rascasse Corner to wreck title hopes of rival driver Fernando Alonso`s qualifying lap four years ago.

"It doesn`t change things if we go back into it. We are now in 2010. Let`s look forward and not backwards. I had great fun in the race. I came through the field from last and finished fifth. That was good fun," The Sun quoted Schumacher, as saying.

Asked if the incident was a low point of his career, Schumacher said: "You made it, yes. You all did. You journalists. Some of you guys."

And when asked if he would repeat the trick this Saturday to take pole, he moaned: "You`re boring."

Schumacher`s career is littered with cheating controversies.

He drove into Damon Hill in Adelaide in 1994 to win their title decider and tried the same trick on Jacques Villeneuve in the season finale three years later in Jerez.

That saw the German stripped of all his points for the season, the paper reports.

On the Monaco incident, Schumacher claimed he had locked up his Ferrari, having stopped at the corner to slow then Renault rival Alonso, who was on a quicker lap.