Whitmarsh believes McLaren have upper hand due to design error in other cars

London: McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh believes his team could win the Formula One championship this season as they could take advantage of a design error in their rivals’ cars due to which drivers would be unable to see above their vehicles’ ‘platypus’ noses.

Whitmarsh was speaking as the season started for the opening round in Australia with McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button recording the best pre-race start in two and half years. Their performances have made McLaren an early season title favorites.

He said the ‘platypus nose’ design adopted by all 11 of the other teams is too high for drivers to see out of their cockpits while driving at such high speeds.

“In our view it was difficult for drivers to see out when the nose is that high. And there is some evidence that drivers are struggling to see out of their cars judging by head positions,” the Mirror quoted Whitmarsh as saying.

“There’s also a trade-off for center of gravity issues. We felt it was the right decision and we’re pleased it looks good and it’s reasonably quick as well,” he said.

Whitmarsh also refused to criticize his rivals, and said: “It’s not a question of right or wrong, but there’s no doubt which one looks best. Ultimately, it’s which one is quickest.”