`Dow`s Olympics sponsorship process a sham`?

London: British Parliamentraian Barry Gardiner on Tuesday termed the process that led to the appointment of Dow Chemical Company as a sponsor for the wrap of the main 2012 Olympics stadium a "sham".

Leading an adjournment debate in the Westminster Hall in parliament, Gardiner alleged that the procurement process was `rigged` in favour of the company, and said if the sponsorship was not cancelled a `cloud will hang` over the forthcoming Olympics.

Gardiner cited several facts in the controversy, and said he was particularly concerned that the procurement process.

"The entire procurement process appears to be a sham. The application window was only 10 days long. That is only 10 days to apply for a purported Euro 7 million contract, something unheard of in the Government or business worlds?.

"We have now heard opposition from the Indian Olympic Association, Olympians, the Indian Government and even LOCOGs own sustainability commissioner. The Government must now intervene in this mess and act to kick Dow out of the Olympics."

Gardiner said there must be a full and transparent investigation into the process which ensures the future integrity of the Olympics and the proper relationship among national Olympic authorities, the International Olympic Committee and host Governments.