Advani, Mehta continue winning streak in Asian Snooker

Indore: India`s Pankaj Advani and Aditya Mehta continued their winning streaks by securing a place in the semi-final of the Asian Snooker Championship, while Kamal
Chawla failed to qualify for the last four stage on Friday.

Advani defeated China`s Tian Pengfei 73-18, 17-76, 78-23, 64-28, 55-43, 00-140, 142-00, while Mehta humbled Thailand`s Sangnil 79-24, 58-17, 69-28, 70-41, 65-17 here at the Yeshwant Club.

In a game of nerves, Afghanistan`s Mohammad Rais Senzahi defeated Chwla 78-52, 63-61, 51-77, 24-68, 40-79, 66-32, 48-49, 53-40, 69-23 to enter into the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, Thailand`s Passakorn Suwannawat trounced Shahid Aftab of Pakistan 93-03, 65-21, 52-65, 75-25, 55-69, 112-04, 65-07 to secure a place in the last four.


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