After CWG, India should bid for Olympics: Sir Redgrave

New Delhi: Impressed with India`s
preparedness for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, five-time
Olympic gold medalist rower Sir Steve Redgrave on Thursday said
the country should take forward the legacy of the October 3-14
mega event and bid for the Olympics in future.

"After the Commonwealth Games if India feel they have the
infrastructure, then go for the Olympics. Having Olympics in
India would be absolutely amazing. The enthusiasm would be
much higher than the Commonwealth Games. India should take
forward the Games legacy and bid for Olympics," said the
legendary English rower who had won gold medals at five
consecutive Olympics, starting from 1984 to 2000.

"I think may be three years later after the Commonwealth
Games, they (India) would feel that yes we are ready for that
(Olympics)," Redgrave said.

Redgrave also praised the organisers of the Delhi Games
for building world-class infrastructure, and termed the CWG
village as an engineering marvel.

"Ther Commonwealth Games village is absolutely amazing.
It`s the best engineering I have ever seen. Though some work
is still left but the organisers have come out with a great
infrastructure," said the three-time Commonwealth Games gold

Echoing similar sentiments, 2004 Athens Olympics gold
medallist sprinter, Kelly Holmes said India is fully prepared
to host the Games.

"The environment in which athletes would be living is key
to their success and the Games village has been designed and
developed as per the need. A big amount of training facility
is available and that`s a great job," Homes said.

"I believe the Games will be a great success," added the
former middle distance runner.

Both Redgrave and Holmes also lashed out at Indian media
for coming out with a series of negative stories about the
Delhi`s preparedness for the Games.

"If I was the Indian media, I would have done positive
stories about the event, about the country`s legacy. Not all
those negative stories which I am seeing on daily basis in the
newspapers," Holmes said.

"71 nations will be participating and 80,000 people will
be coming to India. Billions would be watching it on TV. All
eyes would be on this event. What message are you delivering
to world with negative stories,” she questioned.

"Come on, you are hosting such a big event, so please
come out with positive stories. All should come forward
and help in our own way to promote the Games. Feel proud and
honoured," Holmes added.

Redhgrave said, "Time is of prime essence and usually
when you have little time left before the start of any event,
then there are always talk that it won`t be a success, we are
not ready. I can recall during the Athens Games also same
thing happened but it turned out to be big sporting event."

Asked about star athletes pull out from this Commonwealth
Games, Holmes said, "Games are far relevant than other things.
It`s unfortunate that some of the athletes are not coming but
than European Federation has fixed their tourney so close to
the Games that one can`t help."

"Otherwise they would have loved to participate."


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