Al-Qaeda remains biggest threat to London Olympics

London: Britain’s intelligence agency, MI5 has claimed that terror group Al-Qaeda is still the biggest threat to the security of the London Olympics.

But according to the MI5 bosses, an attack by a single person like by Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik is the most probable one to transpire.

Breivik killed 77 innocent people alone in Norway last July in case of extreme race hate, a daily reports.

British security services are not taking the threat from Al-Qaeda lightly despite the killing of their leader Osama-bin-Laden last year and still consider them as the most dangerous threat to the Olympic Games.

They also believe that new terrorist organizations that are trying to gain international recognition like the Irish rebels can also attack during the Olympics. MI5 chiefs also expressed their concern over terrorism, which generated as a result of an external international dispute.

“The fear is a terrorist attack as a result of a political dispute we know nothing about,” said a Whitehall office.


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