Amir Khan’s pals to disclose identities of thugs KO’d during £100k carjack

Updated: Oct 14, 2012, 16:16 PM IST

London: Boxer Amir Khan is on the verge of nailing the gang who tried to nick his 100,000 pounds Range Rover.

His inner circles have been given the identities of four suspects, and they are now preparing to disclose the names, and possible addresses, to police probing the early-hours drama.

“The net is closing in on these guys and it’s only a matter of time before they are caught. The criminal underworld has turned on them because they’ve brought shame on their own community by attacking a national icon,” The Sun quoted a source close to Team Khan, as saying.

“We’ve been provided with a lot of information since The Sun broke the story and intend to pass it to detectives. We’ve got it on good authority that other gangsters want this mob caught for making their home city look bad,” he added.

Ex-world champ Amir, 25, and boxer brother Haroon, 20, were ambushed after attending a gig in Birmingham last Monday, when they set off home to Bolton, Gtr Manchester. Their path was blocked by a group of men in a 4x4 vehicle, who had demanded the keys to Amir’s motor before the brothers fought back.

One thug still smashed the car’s rear window and stole a Gucci bag, and a masked man had later appeared in a video, bragging about the theft.